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Early Childhood pampered by our parents

This is the time we don't understand the value of money and more often than not, we are also pampered by our parents and relatives.

Education - Key to success

We continue to live on our parents efforts but build a foundation for our career. Education and Graduation dependent on individuals interest and affordability.

We have started earning after graduation!!

Well, we are less dependent on our parents, now that we have started earning. Starting a family and Pampering our children is part of this phase.

Older we are, Wiser we get

We get older, children start schooling.Time to think about loan payments, savings for retirement, we earn, spend on necessities and we save the rest.

Finally the day has arrived and start enjoying retirement

Retirement reduces our needs but not expenses. The extras that we saved supplement the social security and pension and keep us flying till the END!!.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Best RO water purifier – Everything you need to know

Water plays a vital role in all our bodily functions. So it is very important to replenish our body’s water reserves. Since the price varies widely, it is very important to select the best RO water purifier as also enquire RO water purifier price before finalizing the purchase.

Water comes from under the ground, or water bodies. They contain some contamination which is enough to cause water borne diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A etc.

Livpure’s Reverse Osmosis water purifier is one of the best RO water purifier in India. It uses a semipermeable membrane that helps eliminate the finest traces of impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides as well as prevents water-borne diseases. It is an RO UV UF water purifier as combines the effectiveness of  UV rays and UF membrane as well along with reverse osmosis technology.