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Friday, 29 September 2017

What you need to know before you buy your next water purifier?

There are different types of water purifiers in India and each may be suitable depending on the water and what it contains. Normally electric water purifier is more convenient and is able to purify water w/o human intervention.

Sometimes People are lucky to get water provided by corporation which could be treated to some extent with lower amount of dissolved solids. This is becoming a rarity these days and also due to aging of the pipelines, the water can be contaminated during transmission. Various impurities gain access to the water while it travels in pipes to individuals homes.

WHO recommends using water with TDS of about 50-100 TDS but TDS of upto 350 is acceptable. Normally water provided by the corporation will have TDS  of only about 100 but still the impurities as well germs have to be treated for maintaining good health.

For this type of water, one can use UV water purifier which are the least expensive and the filtration rates are much faster. These days, you also get UV+UF filters. While UV light kills the bacteria and viruses, UF is a membrane which filters them out while dissolved salts pass through it.

Mostly, in India, people also use water from the ground (Well or borewell). Depending on the area and the depth from where the water is pumped, this could contain more salts which also may need to be removed apart from killing/removing bacteria, viruses and impurities.

So finding the best water purifier is very important. Best water purifiers for home are also  available online. It is easy for people when water purifier price is available online. Use of water purifiers reduces water borne diseases among the population. Livpure's advanced water purifiers help eliminate water borne diseases. Their electric water purifiers are well equipped to tackle the impurities in the water. You can view Livpure water purifiers online.


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