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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Colgate - Magical sea world and power of story telling

When was the last time your child told you a story?

Everyone will agree children have good listening power. They listen to stories from elder siblings, parents and grandparents. But very few agree that Children have and can unlock their imagination. When they do that they can tell us stories. Yes, this needs some kindling their interests. 

It so happened that I stumbled on to some Colgate strong teeth packs with a banner “Free! Magical Sea World Inside” and Cut, Play & Learn. I decided to buy a few packs to spend some time with my son during the weekend. My wife always loves to buy things that are fun for my son. But here I have the option of buying something which I use every day and still have fun with my child. I bought several packs and when I reached home my son was excited and wanted to play immediately.

I helped him cut the pieces from the Pirate ship. He saw his favorite sea creatures like Dolphins, Killer whale, Sting Ray and then finally the Pirate. He jumped at the first sight of Pirate and then settled down to tell a pirate story. He started telling about the Pirates in the Indian Ocean that he has read in newspapers a year ago. He continued after a brief pause that Pirates will kill children like him and he whispered “Dads are strong but Pirates can kill them too” and he said I also need to be very careful. They go after treasures and sometimes they keep people hostage to get the ransom.

His story took me back 30 years when I was a kid listening to stories from my father and maternal grandfather. Those were not really about pirates but more about Ramayana and Mahabaratha. While I was lost in my thoughts for few minutes, he opened the sea magic and started reading out the knowledge bytes from the activity. Even I was surprised when he read out that there are nearly 500 species of sharks right from 7 inch pygmy shark to the 40-feet Whale shark.

He then remembered our visit to the sea world two months back and continued his story about the Whale show and the Dolphins show that we saw there. Without a doubt, these are the shows that are most popular in sea world. He also remembered the other sea creatures he saw there including sea horse and the scary and dangerous lion fish whose spine and teeth can poison you. 

Did you know that Octopus has three hearts and can change its color quickly? Well I wasn’t until I read this bit of information from the Treasure hunt. And each of these magical sea world package had lots of information to kindle Child’s brain as he started to keep the creatures and make them stand on its base.  

Well, go ahead and buy colgate strong teeth pack and unleash the imagination of your child. Childhood memories and child’s stories are the fondest. Look for the pack that says “Free! Magical Sea world Inside” and you can cut, play and learn with your child.

Note: This blog post was written for Colgate.


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