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Sunday, 24 January 2016

The impact of Internet & Social Media

It was first the internet. When the internet became available, it made a big IMPACT on people. People realized that they don't need to wait for days to receive snail mails (modern post) or don't need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to make a phone call (Well, believe me, it was exorbitant then). People realized they could just send an email and the recipient will receive it almost instantaneously. This definitely made an impact on the way people communicated. Well, yes, people needed a desktop (or later a laptop) which made an impact as sellers of personal computers made their sales like hot cakes.

Then came the Instant Messaging. Instant messaging was instant like email but allowed interaction. I could send an instant message to my wife and she could reply immediately and I can reply and so on. This is taken for granted now but made a breakthrough impact on the way people communicated. People were still on their desktops as the initial mobiles were not smart enough.

Ecommerce companies started wooing people. The likes of Amazon, Ebay are still alive making peoples life better. They employ different models but made sure their models worked.

Then came the social media. This was a whole different game altogether. While IM was one on one and personal and people atleast expected that to be private. With social media people started posting their status, photos etc and expected all their friends and followers can view them. The social media sites started looking for eyeballs and how to hook people to their sites. There were different types which came under the umbrella of social media. Twitter for instance, believed any information can be communicated in short text and limited the size of a tweet.

Then came the smart mobile phones. Apple led the way until Android followed suit. Blackberry was a strong contender but lost badly in the race. Some smart phone makers were working on their own operating systems, like Samsung and Nokia. While Nokia failed to see the wind and change accordingly, Samsung was quick to drop its BadaOS and embraced Android. Though Windows and Blackberry are still around, they have a low market share.

The advent of smart phones made a big impact and changed the landscape altogether. People started flocking to the smart phones of their choice based on their affordability. When the power of the smart phones increased, App stores were filled with millions and billions of Apps for every purpose. This really made a BIG IMPACT on people. Today, I ordered my replacement gas cylinders using an Android App.

That leaves us with Internet of Things to make an IMPACT on us next. This will probably make a larger impact than what the mobile phones did to humans and make life more pleasant.


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