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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Peppy Rwanda and fantastico Juan

George's cousin Rwanda was very peppy. People around her were amazed by the energy she shows in everything she does. Couple of years ago, as George was preparing to go for a New Years Party hosted by his friends. Rwanda had come over and staying with George's family for the Christmas holidays. Rwanda wanted to tag along with George for the Party. They spent a good time with one of George's cool friend fantastico Juan.

Couple of years passed by and George even forgot about the Party he took Rwanda to, when the cool fantastico Juan started pestering George to take him to Rwanda's house during Diwali. First George didn't understand (as usual his slow brain failed to catch the spark). Then he spoke to Rwanda and understood they wanted to make it an accidental meeting! Oops. What an accident, George sensible mind never thought accidents could be planned anyway! George didn't have much of an option but to agree since Rwanda was cool about Juan visiting her house during the festival period.

George didn't have much of an option and he decided to make an unplanned drop in at Rwanda house along with Juan. As the day dawned, Rwanda started becoming more nervous but tried not to show it off.  When George came to her house with Juan, her parents were very happy to see George and welcomed both him and his friend. Rwanda became her own self and started offering coffee, sweets and snacks to the guests. George and Juan both liked sweets and enjoyed what Rwanda gave them. While George was talking with her Parents, Peppy Rwanda had taken fantastico Juan for a stroll in the pertext of showing the house. They had a grand lunch after which George sat down with Rwanda and Juan for some music. While George and Rwanda were discussing music and their favorites, Juan moved to the living area and started conversation with Rwanda's parents. After couple of hours George told Rwanda's parents that he was going home. Rwanda was happy and disappointed while sending George and Juan off. It was then that George understood something common in the chemistry between Rwanda and Juan. Juan met Rwanda's parents during the following Christmas and slowly became very friendly with them. Their friendliness encouraged Rwanda and Juan as they started seeing more often.

George, the dreamer, caught up in his own dream world and was busy with his work and investments. He bought an house and got it ready for Grahapravesam. He has invited his relatives and some of his close friends including cool fantastico Juan. George was surprised when Rwanda and Juan came together to his new house and more so when they invited him for their marriage the following month. George exclaimed Fantastico!


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