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Friday, 15 January 2016

How to turn good mornings into gold mornings

My mornings are always special. What I do after a good night's sleep and before getting ready for my day ahead is both special and personal. My whole family treat our mornings this way. Right from my teenage days, my entire family, my father, mother, and my little sister and myself, used to meet at the coffee table from brushing our teeth with Colgate paste and brush. Since healthy mouth is the best bet to have a healthy body, we always ensured and maintained good oral heath. We used to fight for different sections of news paper during our coffee session with freshly brewed coffee prepared by my mother to perfection. I used to grab the sports page while my sister goes for entertainment page. My parents shared the front page and business pages. Our first hour of the morning was our gold morning before we started on our tasks for the day. This refreshing hour helped us all of us get ready for our daily work.

The importance of our morning continued even after my marriage. My wife is a very good cook and mother and our mornings came alive with our children. We always started our good mornings with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee and newspaper after brushing our teeth.

Recently I came across a hashtag #Colgate360GoldMornings. I was curious to find out what it was and figured it referred to 'Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush'. It belongs to the famous range of Colgate 360 series tooth brushes which I have been using for a while and comes with tongue cleaner as all other 360 range of tooth brushes. Out of curiosity I decided to apply for the hamper from Colgate and try the all new Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush. I was surprised by the well packed box with the brush, coffee cup and flask all in gold color. Tooth Brush bristles and the handle are a mix of Gold and charcoal. The slim anti bacterial bristles, make it easier to reach all corners of our mouth and help clean not only the teeth and tongue but also the cheeks and gums, thereby providing a gold standard of whole mouth cleaning. And now with the charcoal gold tooth brush and my new gold colored coffee mug, good mornings have become gold mornings for my family. And with the gold colored flask, the gold morning continued to my office.

Note: This post was written about Colgate India.


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