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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Advances in Navigation

With the advent of personal transportation vehicles, the navigation became more important. You can't reach anywhere without knowing how to get there. When I was using public transportation, I never realized the importance. I expected the bus driver or the train to take me to a place which was familiar to me. Even when I started riding the cycle, Navigation didn't seem very important since I was mostly riding short distances which was my familiar area.

In those days, very few people owned two wheelers or cars but as the country became more advanced and people having more disposable income, the demand for Scooters, Motor  Cycles and Cars increased. Along with it the importance of Navigation.

I still remember when my friends lived in US. They used to make a beeline to American Automobile Association offices to get what they called Triptik, which consisted of pieces of maps with the driving directions marked. My friends traveled with all the booklets so that they can navigate their way through the various roads. It did make an IMPACT in the way people traveled but people didn't feel that it was cumbersome at that time. It took lot of time traveling to the Association office an wait for your turn to be attended.

However with the advent of mobile devices which also became more powerful by the day, came the option of computerized navigation. This took a long time to mature and it was initially available on smart phones. This made a big impact on people who traveled with unwieldy and large paper maps. The maps that took up the passenger seat gave way to electronic navigation. That way the Passenger seat is now available to its rightful owner. The roads, distances and location became digitized. The NAVIGATION advice provided became personal based on where the user is. People need not worry about where they are currently as this was automatically done by the mobile phone and later by special navigation devices.

This made a huge impact on Navigation advice provided. The devices knew where it because of its ability to find its current location based on the distances from satellites and mobile towers. All advice provided became highly personalized and the device can say turn left after 50 ft. Can navigation advice get better than that? Yes it did when specific devices that can be fitted into the car became available. When the devices and phones were expensive, people were hesitant to buy specialized devices only for navigation. But with reducing prices, these devices became more affordable. This again has made a big impact on the navigation capability of people as they can now afford a dedicated device for their vehicle. What new advances will come in the future, let us wait and see.


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