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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Delhi - Design, Drive and Connect

Delhi has been through thick and thin and has all along been the eye of the subcontinent. It has been invaded, conquered and ruled by Moghuls for a long time. The city has adapted to various designs by different rulers at different times. New Delhi is a well designed city with wide roads and good bus and cab services. Delhi has two ring roads, the inner and outer ring roads. Delhi is served by 4 National Highways. To combat pollution, Delhi has designed most of its public transportation to run on CNG gas. Delhi and its suburbs are designed to grow; grow while at the same time ensuring the people live a comfortable life. Delhi's suburbs include Noida, Gurgoan (Financial Hub). Highway 8 connects the nation's capital Delhi with the India's financial capital and Gateway of India, Mumbai while Highway 2 connects Delhi with Kolkata.

Being the capital city, its people are driven by Patriotism. Students are carried away by the interest to become IAS and IPS officers. Young entrepreneurs are driven by the interest to make their dreams and vision come true. What more does a nation need than their citizens wanting to create jobs and opportunities for themselves and others? Delhi's wide roads make it a pleasure to drive. My Indica takes me everywhere in Delhi. It is a reliable, easy to manoeuvre compact car.  Public Transportation is provided by Delhi Transport Corporation (Buses) and more recently the Delhi Metro (Rapid Transit System) and the ring railway. Delhi Metro opened in 2002 and is being modernized. Indian Railway train services connect Delhi with other cities in India.

The city has managed to preserve the ancient architecture. Delhi connects with all major cities in India by Rail, Road and Air. Its international airport connects Delhi with all major cities across the world. It is a diverse city with people from various religions, beliefs. All major festivals are celebrated in the city like Deepavalli, Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. It is no wonder Delhi represents India. It has hundreds of restaurants catering to the needs of the people in the city. Food served in these restaurants is not limited to various Indian food like South Indian, Gujarati, Bengali, Mughlai and North Indian tastes but also serves Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian and other international cuisines.

 Just like Delhi, Tata Motors is #madeofgreat. Tata Motors produces most economical passenger vehicle as well as highly sophisticated vehicles like Jaguar and Landrover as well as small and large commercial vehicles like Buses and Trucks. Though Tata Motors paid more for their acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover and that too just before a major recession, they held their nerve and made it a great asset which now produces good profits for the company. That's what makes it #madeofgreat.

Note: This blog is written for Tata Motors.


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