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Friday, 21 August 2015

4G from Airtel

Technology, internet in particular, has come a long way over the last 20 years. We have been through dial-up internet with 14.4kbps to 56kbps modems and then on to Broadband. With the mobile revolution the internet craze has moved into that area as well.

I graduated from dial-up internet to limited 64kbps broadband in 2003 with Airtel. Believe it or not, I had about 350MB per month for both uploads and downloads. I had to survive this limitation by turning off auto load of images in internet explorer. At the end of the month, I managed to scrape through with the leftover bandwidth to download few mp3 songs.

Then came the era of unlimited broadband, though at a reduced speed after you hit the limit. This was a welcome change for me since I no longer has to track my internet usage. I was atleast assured that I won't get an inflated bill just because my son clicked on a large down load. Internet (GPRS) wasn't too popular in mobile due to its cost and slow speed initially. However mobile with Wifi was a welcome change. 2G internet was just too slow. It all became history with the advent of 3G high speed internet but this still lagged broadband speed. Broadband trying to outwit 3G has started going fiber with speeds of 20Mbps through 100Mbps. This is a lot of speed for residential customers.

The same Airtel who gave me the first broadband and 3G experience is planning to roll out 4G services. I can't believe that 4G will be 10 times faster than 3G speed with speeds of 5 to 12Mbps. Whow! Thats the kind of speed I need while on the move. My phone will become a powerhouse with this technology and it is brought by the same Airtel who introduced me broadband at 64kbps 12 years back.

Airtel will be the first telecom company to roll out the 4G services and they will be providing 4G at the same cost as 3G. There is no doubt that I will switch my 3G SIM for a 4G SIM. Since they rolling out across the nation, it should be available in my city as well. Gone are the days when I used to wait in a long gone to get my SIM card. The only queue I wait now is when my car gets caught in a traffic jam. I will tweet to #GetAirtel4G and get the my 4G SIM home delivered. With these speeds and low cost, I will access and do more of my downloads just from my Phone when I am travelling. I don't need to carry my laptop and a data card with me. With the whole range of editors that are available, I can do lot from my phone like email etc. When I need internet for laptop, I will transmit it from my 4G phone.

This blog is written for Airtel.


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