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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Honey - Where is my Honey Diet?

Honey is synonymous with sweetness more than other sweeteners. It has a sophisticated sweetness that no other sweetener can rival. Like most Indians I also have sweet tooth. I like to indulge in sweets and ice-cream but I never realized the smooth sweetness of Honey until after marriage. Within couple of weeks after my marriage, when I returned home from work I was surprised to see a bottle of honey. I have always associated honey with bees and as an insect food.

Soon a small argument ensued, the first after our marriage. My wife started explaining the benefits of Honey. When she asked what is it that I liked about her, I closed my eyes for a second and answered her skin. Yes, she had such a smooth, well nourished skin that I can never take my eyes off her. She smiled and said yes and that's because of honey's moisturizing and nourishing properties. I also understood the other benefits of honey like, Aids digestion, helps with cold and cough and is a good source of energy. When she was reeling out the benefits of honey, she was looking like a walking encyclopaedia.

 When she said she will give me honey diet before we sleep, I laughed it off like a joke. What diet could anyone make with honey? I was as usual sitting on my couch watching TV but I was surprised to see her gleaming as she walked towards me with two plates. Handing over one plate she said "This is honey fruit salad with freshly cut fruits, juices, honey, raisins and nuts with a pinch of salt". It sure looked good and as sweet as her. I thought I married an Engineers daughter but she cooks and serves like a 5-star chef's daughter. I am a firm believer in sharing the good things in life and hence asked her and my son to share the Honey fruit salad. My son, who normally hates to eat fruit, started dipping his fork into the salad more often than us. I was sure he loved it. Within minutes the first plate was empty and I turned to her and asked "What is in second plate?". That was something I always loved, Midnight snacks.  I knew she doesn't like me eating snacks in the night and If she had made it voluntarily it must be healthy.

She stopped my handled from reaching to the plate and said she will give only limited quantity. Even good things can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. It was a toast with honey and fruits and looked Yummy!!. After giving credit to the site where she found the recipe, she rationed one toast for each of us and I could see the satisfaction in my sons face as his teeth cut through the toast. Dabur Honey is not just sweet, it is tasty.

This blog is written for Dabur Honey and Honey Diet.


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