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Thursday, 7 May 2015

The New League

Two decades back, Kapil Dev from India and Imran Khan in Pakistan were the heart throbs of the young generation. Cricket always had its own attraction with some cricketers as popular as politicians. As Kapil mentioned in one of the videos, there wasn't much money in the game at that time but attraction was definitely there. As Kapil says in the video, this has changed now. These days there is lot of mentions, Yuvraj singh was signed up for 16 crores in IPL.

Kapil has not created a twitter id until recently. Obviously there is a reason why he has created the twitter account #EkNayiLeague. He mentions in the video that this new league is very difficult to win the new league. Of course cricket, like most other sports has become more competitive over the years. Coaches and other officials study the strength and weaknesses of opponent teams and play accordingly, be it field placing or brining on a specific bowler.  Kapil talks about the new league and that he would get a hit wicket if he plays the New League.

Kapil talks about how his mentor would never allow him to take retirement and beautifully told him "Kabhi  nahi Kabhi nahi". Though Kapil has spent lot of time as commentator, still retirement seems to be troubling him. Kapil also talks about Dhoni's upcoming retirement in the video. Kapil's pet name is bitoo and everyone likes to call him by his pet name even though he is a star.

Kapil and every cricketer we know of plays with his heart but Kapil says it needs more than a heart to play the new league. This is a special type of League. What this could be? I really have no idea. Could it be something that will rival IPL and ICL? It could very well be as I understand Lalit Modi, whose idea was IPL is also looking to create a rival. Can this be true? I do wish it is true. Is Kapil going to be the brand ambassador for such a League?

I always liked watching cricket and more so, when the people with lot of knowledge comment on the game and its proceedings. This always gives new insight. Whatever be the real reason for creating a twitter id now, I can feel something is really cooking up. May be Kapil and Lalit may join hands. May be not but it is going to be very interesting. I am also going to create a twitter id and follow #EkNayiLeague. Kapil is as charming as he was twenty years back and I am sure he can go on for another twenty years as an Administrator. The least I can do is to follow him on twitter and see what he is up to.

Note: This blog was written for Ek Nayi League.


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