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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Togetherness and Optimism

My father put me in cricket training when I was 6 years old which helped me be part of my school cricket team. Though I was average in studies, my cricketing skills overshadowed that weakness and even my best friends looked up to me. I got into one of the best colleges in town in the commerce stream primarily based on my sports credentials.

However when I took my Common Proficiency Test to study for CA, I was short by two marks and failed. I was quite disappointed but my father, as ever, encouraged me. He said he had made some plans and is taking me and my mom out for an evening of fun and food.

I invited one of my best friends also to join us and we all went to bowling first. After initial practice we started a game. When the waiter came, we ordered some pakodas, bajjis and sprite to keep us engaged while we bowled. We discussed about the recent movies, actors and politics as we played. I was leading by huge margins which kept my spirits high. I won the bowling game and we then moved on to a movie theater nearby. My father had 4 passes for a thrilling romantic Tamil movie. It has been a long time since we went for a movie together. We all liked the movie and my friend and I had soft conversation during the movie as well as during the break.

After the movie my father surprised all of us by driving into a drive-in restaurant. We ordered food from the car and continued our conversation about the characters in the movie and about the state assembly elections that are due in two weeks time. I was talking to my friend about the CPT exam and how I missed it narrowly. He is currently studying for CA final. He gave valuable tips on how I can do better next time and how important it is not to loose heart over one failure. My friend invited me to meet him every Sunday afternoon so that he can also help me with my studies.

This restaurant is a specialist in local delicacies and the dishes had the right amount of spice, flavor and aroma. After dinner, my father took us for a brief walk along the marina. I could feel the effect of togetherness and the fact that it made all of us feel confident and focus on our future. When we returned I bid goodbye to my friend and thanked my father for a wonderful evening. He advised me that we need to be optimistic. It is OK to have a failure once in a way but we should be optimistic and confident so that we can keep moving forward in life and that he had also been through similar phases in his life. I understood what he meant.

Optimism is very powerful. I can write the exam again in 6 months. What matters most is being optimistic. Being together with friends and family helps in a big way. Three years later when I passed my CA final I took my parents and my friend to the same restaurant for dinner to bring back old memories.

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