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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Singapore Cuisine - Truly International

I lived in Singapore for about a year. I realized that many of my thoughts about Singapore were wrong. I knew Singapore to be very clean but never imagined the number of restaurants in the country. I was most surprised by the number of hawker stalls outside major stations in Singapore. Initially I was afraid to walk-in and eat in one of those till I spoke to my colleagues who confirmed they eat food everywhere. The food in Singapore is truly international and is influenced by various ethnic food primarily Malay, Chinese and Indian and reflects the ethnic diversity of the culture of Singapore. Singapore Cuisine is truly Global.

My favorite food in the hawker stalls is the "Char kway teow" which is a stir fried flat rice noodles with soy-sauce, chilli, bean sprouts and chinese chives. This is cooked on a Wok using high heat and is sinfully rich and tickles my taste buds even now and is really Yummy!

My second favorite food is the Bak Kwa Mac and Cheese. I loved the combination of sweet smokiness of Bak kwa and the creaminess of Mac n Cheese available in Pidgin Kitchen and Bar. This is really rich and I work it out every time I go for it.

I also loved the Chili crab with mini mantou buns and the cereal prawns. Prawns are coated in a batter of oats, fried in butter and topped with fried curry leaves.

I also loved the endless variety of Cafe's in Singapore, different varieties of Pratha's and the ice cream bread in Orchard road.

For a small country roughly equaling the size of Mumbai city in India but with less than half the population of Mumbai, the eating options are enormous! There are hundreds of hawker stalls as well as large restaurants. Singapore Food festival is organized by the government in July to celebrate Singapore cuisine and is a great time to explore the Singaporean cuisine.

Note: This post is written for Takeaway Level: Singapore organized by Far East Hospitality.


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