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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Simple things that made me Happy

Everyone has one common goal in life. We maybe of different races, castes, occupations or communities but we all have one common goal, to be happy.  Different things make different people happy. That’s the amazing thing about happiness; you don’t have to be rich to feel it. Happiness doesn’t discriminate.

Twelfth grade was one of the most over-hyped years. It, for me was one of the most memorable, yet most annoying years. You know how it goes, parents and teachers expect you to study all day, even though it’s physically impossible. This was the last year of school too. I was finally a senior and loved going to school. School was probably the most fun time of the day when I would be away from my parents and could sympathize with my friends. Thinking back to these years I really miss it. The early morning tuition,  the deep conversations with my friends, after boards plans and so on. Even though at that time I couldn’t wait for boards to end, I really miss those years. I did not have a computer a or TV to while away my time, the simple things in life that made me happy.

I would look forward to nights as I could throw my books away and listen to a podcast or read a book. Anything that wasn’t math or economics made me happy. I would look forward to my breaks as this would mean escaping reality, even if it was for just fifteen minutes. And tuition, oh how I loved my math tuition. We would go there every morning at 6 and do very little math. We would mainly talk about life and how boards were ruining it for us. And then there were a few serious students, who would actually study. Even though the year was full of teachers asking me to study more and parents forcing me to study, it was one of the most memorable years of my life. This is one of the few years where I enjoyed and happy with the simple things in life, like how amazing cold water or lemonade tasted on a hot day. The mid-day ice creams or the occasional coke I had with friends after lunch at school made us all happy.

Even though this was one of the most memorable years I wouldn’t do it again even if I could. I can’t go through early morning tuition and my parents being called to school as I failed a midterm exam. This is however a memory which I will cherish my entire life. And maybe tell my kids when they have to go through it. I sometimes look back to these years and see how much life has changed for me.

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