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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Optimism and Positive Approach

Optimism, Positivity and Hope drives our success stories. Without these, we would not have achieved what we have achieved. For an individual Optimism drives success and make a difference between success and failure but we somehow do not realize that.

As a young boy, I was quite weak in studies. My Parents were very understanding but many of my relatives did comment on my inability to get good marks. As a young boy I believed what people around me thought about me. I unconsciously started avoiding studies and concentrate on other activities liking computer games, driving I thought that I was good at.

I joined college and my parents wanted me to do CA. I started resisting the idea without even giving a serious thought to the consequences. However my Parents were worried. My father decided to speak to me. He told me that to be successful, I need to try. Failure is the stepping stone for success. I agreed what he said made sense but I was fearing what my relatives would think if I flunk? My father said he believed I am intelligent because I can do so many things well. He will teach me and we will not tell anyone about me writing the exam.

That was a turning point in my life. From then on every day I read for the exams, spoke to my father when I had doubts and took some online tests to see my progress. It took lot of effort from my end initially and failed in the first few tests I took but my father kept encouraging me. Optimism and Positive attitude won. I started doing better in studies and soon was able to pass most of the online tests. My father was very happy and we worked together on my studies.

I passed my CPT exam in flying colors and my whole family celebrated the occasion. This was the happiest moment in my life. I would not have even tried but for the long conversation my father had. Though the conversation seemed to be a bitter pill that day, it was the turning point in my life.

I then decided to take on the subsequent levels. I no longer felt the need to resist taking up competitive exams. When I passed CA final exam I was working in a multinational company earning a hefty income. I decided to go it alone and started my own company. I was happy that I am able to provide jobs to youngsters and future chartered accountants. I am hopeful that optimism and hard work of my team will help grow our practice in leaps and bounds. My parents are very old and do not care much for material pleasures but still are very hopeful that my optimism and positive outlook will enable me to succeed.

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