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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nashta with Guptaji

After my Graduation, I took  job in Delhi. I was amazed by the broad roads compared to Chennai where I spent most of my life. Soon I settled down in Delhi like any Delhiite from the south by visiting Karol Bagh, Connaught Place etc during weekends for either shopping or for south Indian food or for both. I soon made quite a few north indian friends including a Guptaji and started loving yummy foods like Chapati, Poories, Gajar ka halwa, Jilebis and the like. This is when I learnt that Nastha is very important meal of the day. Guptaji couple were very kind. They knew I loved Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda and invited me whenever they made that for breakfast.

Two years down the line, I got married to Tina in Chennai. After a brief honeymoon, I returned to Delhi with my wife to join my duty again. We reached Delhi on Friday so that we have few days to settle down before Monday. Seeing the lack of provisions in my apartment, Tina wanted to go for grocery shopping (I have never heard of such shopping in my bachelor life). She picked up cartful of stuff including breakfast cereals, Atta, rice, vegetables, spices and so on. She cooked a sumptuous meal. Then I told her that I am going to provide her Breakfast on Saturday. In the night my wife kept asking me what I am going to make for Breakfast. Finally I told her the truth that we are going to Guptaji's apartment for Breakfast. 

Tina didn't like the idea. She said she will make breakfast and may be I can invite Guptaji and his family. Then I told her the whole story about how I came to know Guptaji. There was a riot like situation in Delhi a year back and I was ill-prepared to face it. I just had rice and water at home. Since people were not allowed to go out, I decided I can live for few days with what I have. In the evening Guptaji saw me outside my apartment and asked me how I am managing my food. He then invited me to his house for breakfast next day. I was little uncertain what to expect in the Breakfast with Guptaji. That day, we had "Nakhare Wala Nastha" alias "Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda". It was crunchy with good taste with lots of peanuts and crunchy corn flakes. I started loving north indian food. I loved Chapatti with Aloo subzy. Soon I realized north indians are foody lovers. 

Tina was overwhelmed when she realized Guptaji saved me from hunger when there was trouble in Delhi. Next day morning she was up well before me and when I woke up she said "Let us go for Nashta with Guptaji's". She liked the food at Guptaji's and soon we were inviting each other for weekend Nashtas.

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