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Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Happy Baby

Bringing Babies is an art. My wife is well versed in the same. We were in US when we she delivered our baby. Since we did not have any relatives around, I got to play with the baby more often. When she was an infant she was attracted to all bright colors. I made it a point to buy lot of soft bright toys and hang it on her crib. It was fun to watch her small and try to talk to those bright colored toys.
Then we bought some squeaky toys. She loved them. She was very happy and starts giggling whenever we make noise with those toys. She loved outdoors and being carried. When she sees me she will start crying so that I will lift her and carry her. She probably is happy because she could see lot more things over my shoulder then from her crib.

Traveling in car always made her happy. She was happy to get into the car seat as she knows she will be traveling to new places and see new things. She loved grabbing attention when we visited friends who had toddlers. The older kids were all amused to see an infant and like playing with them or make pranks. These pranks excited my baby and she was always happy to visit them.
Some times she would cry and my wife will take care of her. She will cry if she is uncomfortable like hungry, sleepy etc. Initially she used to cry while taking baths but we realized from our friends that we should get some bathing toys so that she can play with them while my wife bathes her. Though I spend lot of time taking care of the baby while my wife is busy with other regular chores, she would always call me a novice with the baby.

One Saturday she needed to go to a nearby college for writing an exam. I did not have office and offered to babysit my daughter during that time. She dumped all the details like where the baby food is, where she has kept milk and other things that it started overflowing my brain. I didn't have any problems for the first 3 hours and baby enjoyed the extra attention and overfeeding she was getting from me. But suddenly she started crying. I could see anything visibly wrong and tried everything from making sound rattles and making faces. All my attempts to cajole her failed and I was losing my patience. I heard my bell ring and I was happy to see my wife back. She asked me why the baby is crying and opened her diaper. Immediately baby stopped crying and I learnt my lesson about dry diapers that day.

With the availability of diapers which keeps the inside dry, newer generation parents will face less problems and babies will be happier.

Note: This post is written for Indiblogger's Dry Baby, Happy Baby contest sponsored by Pampers. For additional information click here.


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