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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How a Phone call and a bold decision changed my life

It was just a week before my marriage when my ex-colleague called me from US and asked if I could join within 2 weeks to fill a vacant position in his office. Though I had a valid H-1 visa, I am now engaged to this awesome girl and getting married in a week. We had made elaborate travel plans after marriage. Now taking this job means forgoing all our plans and in the event she doesn't get visa, we will have to lead separate lives for sometime. When I broached this topic, my fiancée was very excited.

We decided to take the bold step and I confirmed to my friend. My fiancée got her visa immediately following our marriage. We got our flight tickets booked and I requested my friend to book an apartment in the same complex that he stays. I have never been to US before but we decided to take the challenge head-on. Our flight landed in DFW airport late in the night. We took a cab and went straight to my friends apartment. We picked up the self help instructions to get our key by punching codes as the office was closed at that time. It seemed like acting in a star trek movie after the long flight but it was a cold night and I needed to do what it takes to get into the apartment.

We opened the door to see an empty dark apartment. It was unfurnished apartment, of course, but I expected some tube lights like in India. We managed to pull our luggage and wade through darkness to the Kitchen where we found a switch. We were relieved to see that there is one light in an one bedroom apartment. We sat down on the carpet (near kitchen) with our luggage around us. My wife who was used to all the luxuries in India, was uncomplaining and followed whatever I was doing. Using my friend's mobile which he had loaned me for a night, I called Pizzhut for delivery. While waiting for the Pizza, I apologized to my new wife for the inconvenience but surprisingly she said she is enjoying every bit of this Adventure. We figured the apartment had central heat, found and adjusted the gauge. By the time we finished pizza dinner, apartment was warm but we were very tired and slept on the carpet.

Next day I joined my job, took some time off to get the rental furniture and table lamps to brighten up our humble apartment. I soon settled down, got promotions in the office, bought a house. Two decades later, my son bid adieu before going to join Harvard. My wife and I were teary eyed, looked at each other. It was that phone call a week before our marriage and the bold decision we took that made a big change to our lives.

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