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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Just like everyone else, I have my own dreams, hopes, and aspirations about the way I want to live. Money, Talent and other raw materials are needed to achieve them. My biggest dream was to live my life with no constraints and nothing to hold me back! Wouldn't that be great? I lied down on my bed thinking what would be my life if there are no constraints to achieve what I want to achieve in life. These are the top 5 things I will do if I were Befikar Umar Bhar.

The first in my bucket list is to ensure a roof for all the people in the world. I will reach out to all the billionaires in the world and request them to aid to this worthy cause. If you really look at how the money is spread, it is just a few percentage of people holding most of the world's wealth. While I don't believe in communism, some amount reallocation of funds to provide the basics that people need (Shelter) will go a long way in improving peoples lives. I want limit to providing everyone just the shelter to ensure everyone has a reason to work and achieve their other goals in life.
The second in my bucket is keep my family healthy and happy. After all health is wealth. I want to ensure that I have enough insurance to ensure my family's survival even if something unexpected happens to me. I will ensure that each of my family members have Rupees five hundred thousand health insurance and life insurance of about a crore. This will remove the uncertainties in our lives. I will also propagate this information so that every person in the world is aware how to protect themselves from uncertainties in life.
My third in my bucket is to travel around the world with my wife and children. Travel and living outside your normal environment teaches lot of things. I have learnt a lot about the people's way of life and interaction during my stints abroad. Having an opportunity to spend a good amount of time in different parts of the world will be an eye opener for me and will also help me rid of many of my narrow mindedness.
My fourth aspiration is to see my 3 year old son become an entrepreneur and provide employment and life to thousands of families. By being an entrepreneur and manufacturing goods or providing services he will not only provide much needed employment but will also help improve country's GDP and standing among all the countries in the world.

My fifth aspiration is to embark on a spiritual tour with my wife when I am old. I want to give up all worldly things, build a small house where I want to spend my time with my wife. She has worked hard to bring up my child and the best I can provide when I am old is my attention to her.
My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the calling bell. While I went to answer the bell, I was happy I had spent some time think about what I wanted in life.

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