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Friday, 27 February 2015

How I upgraded my car!

Sunday morning, as usual I was enjoying my coffee with news paper. That was very relaxing after the hectic week when I heard my wife call out "When are we going to change the car. Tomorrow you will go to office and we will lose another week.". I told her few days back that I am planning to replace our 5-year old Maruti Esteem with a newer car.

I took my eyes off paper and looked at my children. They smiled and my son brought my laptop for me. Couple of months back I bought a Honda CB Twister for him from Quickr. We saw the Advertisement at 10PM on a Friday night and initiated a chat using Chat Now feature. The seller responded and by next day 8AM, we had test driven and purchased the vehicle, all within 12 hours.

I put aside my beloved newspaper and took my laptop instead and opened By the time I logged into Quickr, my son was back with the pictures of our car from different angles. We knew exactly what we should do. I created a free advertisement, entered the car details and my expectations, uploaded the images and I was ready to go in just few minutes. Then I browsed Toyota Etios and Honda City (I always wanted to own one of these), identified few which looked like the best bets for my budget and clicked on Chat Now. I quickly left a note about the details I needed from the owners.

My wife again called out "Can you drop Gita (my daughter) to the dance class and buy rice from Big bazaar on your way back. We don't have any rice to cook for lunch.". I exactly know what to do in similar situation. Without uttering a word, picked up my car key and headed out to the dance teachers house with my daughter. On the way, my phone beeped. While dropping Gita, I stopped my car, found responses from two car sellers for my queries. One of them looked exactly what I wanted. I sent a message to the seller that I can meet him in 30 min and headed to the Bigbazaar 2 kms away. I received confirmation from the seller that he is available. So I quickly purchased 2 kgs of rice dropped it at home and went to meet the seller. It was a single owner car, well maintained and in good condition. After a test drive and checking the maintenance records, fixed the price and gave him an advance to hold the car while doing the formalities.

When I started the car, my Phone beeped again. This time the message was from a potential buyer who had seen my car Ad. He is in the same locality and wanted to know if he can swing by to see the car. I confirmed and When I reached home, he was there waiting for me. He took the car to a nearby mechanic. I went inside my house hoping lunch would be ready. Before I could finish lunch, the potential buyer returned with good feedback and wanted to buy the car. We negotiated the price and settled the advance. I went back to complete my unfinished lunch, satisfied that the transactions were complete before lunch.

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