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Saturday, 31 January 2015

How Pimples affect confidence

Personally I never had a Pimple all my life. I don't know if that was because I never had teenage life, but I was definitely gifted with a skin that didn't produce pimples. I am working in US and when I visited home about 4 months back, my parents wanted me to see a girl whom they had shortlisted for me. The girl was energetic, enthusiastic, seemed very confident girl and reasonably good looking with what I presumed smooth skin. I didn't have any hesitation in agreeing to the marriage and went back to US after my vacation was over.

When I came back for my marriage four months later, I was in for some surprise. With marriage just 4 days away, I asked her out for dinner in nearby restaurant. She agreed and we went there. I am seeing her after 4 months and I couldn't believe my eyes.  Her face had about a dozen pimples and half a dozen black heads. Initially I found it difficult to take my eyes off her pimples, particularly the one on her cheeks. She must have been used to her friends staring at her pimples. She now seemed very shy and under confident. While I couldn't believe that few small pimples can have that effect on an individual, I understood her feelings as well. Here she is, few days before her marriage with a dozen pimples and black heads. I kept the discussion away from her pimples and praised how she has managed to stay so thin. I wanted her to feel good and be the same girl I met few months ago.
After marriage she told me that she had just one pimple and she went to a skin doctor and after the treatment, it multiplied into a dozen. We went back to US I first looked for some over the counter medications but was afraid as some of them can even cause cancer. So I looked for references and took her to a skin specialist. He prescribed some medications and it took well over 4 months for her face to come back to normal. That smile on her face made me feel good that I took the effort to treat her.

Though I never had a pimple all my life, I have the experience to understand what it means for a person who has pimples and how it affects their self-esteem. It may be worth taking the precautions rather than treating them, if one is prone to get pimples.

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