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Saturday, 24 January 2015

How I proposed to my Girlfriend

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on the porch. Just few weeks to Valentine's day and am thinking how to invite Tina, the girl I am in love with for the Party. It was just last year I had gone to a Valentine's party with my friend where I met Tina. She is a gorgeous, energetic, talkative girl, 5 feet 9 tall. We chatted for a long time that day and still couldn't forget her answer about marriage. It seems she is waiting for the perfect brave-heart. We met couple of times in my friends house during dinner party. Six months later, I invited her for dinner date which she accepted. I couldn't forget those special moments. Is she also in love with me?

My thoughts were disturbed by the calling bell. After answering the call, I decided to act and invite her for the Valentine dance and dinner. My father used to say that you can never succeed if you are afraid of failure. I called her but didn't know how to express. After 5 minutes of conversation, I invited her. There was a silence for few seconds which unnerved me but said she needs to check her calendar and let me know the next day.

She called the next and confirmed she can make it to the dance and asked the location etc. I was exited and immediately rushed to Jewellery shop for some presents and a ring. I decided that I should propose to her on the Valentine's day.

The D-day came. She was dressed like a princess and I was sure any man would fall for her. We were dancing and after 5 songs, I decided it was the time to plan my attack. My brain was thinking how and when to make the proposal. I suddenly noticed a mike near the DJ's corner. In between songs, dancers were resting for few seconds waiting for the DJ to announce the next song. I immediately picked up the mike and announced  "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make. I am in love with a girl and want to propose to her". Then I kneeled before Tina, took her hands and told her "Tina, I love you. Will you marry me?". The whole dance floor was silent. Tina was also taken back and didn't know what to answer. While some dancers were smiling, I could faintly hear one lady saying "So cute. I hope the girl says yes". The silence was broken when Tina responded "Yes, I will. But you need meet my parents and get their acceptance". All the dancers and clapped and the DJ dedicated the next song to us. We danced in joy, relieved that the proposal has been accepted.

Now, this is the third anniversary of my wonderful married life with Tina and am going to the same dance floor for our annual ritual.

Note: This post is written for Indiblogger's Cupid Games 2015 contest sponsored by Closeup.


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