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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Truth - The right thing to say

When I started my career, decades ago, we were quite scared of deadlines. Two of my colleagues and I faced tight deadlines every alternate weeks. We were new to the software industry and literally every feature development took us lot of time to understand, research and code.

Whenever our lead used to ask us for status we will update him but withheld some issues that we were aware of from him. Technically we did not lie. But we made him feel that more work has been completed that actual.

We knew we had to make up and get the issues resolved before the deadline. We used to spend a night or part of weekend in office to complete the delivery. Our leader was very happy with us because we never let him down, until then at least.

We (the three musketeers, as they call us in our office) were onto a larger project. The best thing we liked in that project was that the first deliverable was at the end of the sixth week. We were in movie theaters during weekends instead of slogging it out at office. By the end of fourth week, I realized that we have a lot to catch up. At this rate, I was afraid we will not be able to complete our deliverable on-time.

My colleagues were scared of coming out clean at this stage. They were afraid the reaction from manager will be very bad if we reach out with the problem at this time. But I decided if we don't own up now, our manager will not have enough time to save the project and deliver on-time. So I decided to bite the bullet come what may and convinced my colleagues to go along with me.

We were literally scared while we waited to meet our manager. To our surprise he seemed to be very understanding. It was a long conversation and he went on talking. He was also like us 10 years back and he appreciated our courage to apprise him of the actual status of the project. He assured us that so long as he is aware that we needed a few extra hands to meet the deadline, he would always be willing to arrange for the same. He will ensure that he will increase the team by 2 more people for the next few weeks till we are out of danger. Then he went to explain his experience with his customers. Even if we are at fault, if he has the exact details, he will be able to manage his customers and talk to them accordingly. It was very enlightening for the three of us. We learnt a lot during those few hours and how we can help ourselves by just telling the exact truth and nothing but the truth. It is only when we try to bury the truth we get into trouble. My two colleagues were also very happy and thanked me for taking the courage to speak the truth.

Note: This blog is written for indibloggers happy hours activity courtesy Kinley and their website is Kinley 2014 TVC.


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