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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pre-Marital Sex is here to stay - Say Yes

Fifty years back, arranged marriages were more the trend. The marriage was consummated on the first night and couples had sex after that.

With globalization and us aping the west we are now more open minded regards sex. In the last twenty years teenagers of the opposite sex interact more with each other. Coeducation schools and institutions have encouraged free interaction between students of opposite sexes.

Internet has made porn more accessible to the young. So there are incidents in which school going teenagers indulge in premarital sex. More love marriages are taking place. Dating and long engagement spells are not frowned upon. The Metti and Thali are losing their significance and the institution of marriage is weakening. Divorces are on the rise.

The traditional Indian women has become a  feminist. When  a man can loose his virginity before marriage why can't a woman? The younger generation today, always wants the best. What can one decide about a mate after a brief courtship? When homogamy and same sex marriages are being accepted, living together and premarital sex will not be a big issue. We have to accept and say Yes to pre-marital sex.

Younger generation wants to taste erotic pleasures without being confined to the bondage of marriage. However this is bound to raise issues like teen pregnancies. 

This blogpost is written for Indiblogger and Being Social contest  for True Love by Poonaam Uppal


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