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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fun filled Vacations

Vacations help us to break the monotony of everyday life and is a breather for both parents and children alike. Previously vacations were so planned that  one visited the grandmother's or aunt's. Children played indoor or outdoor games with their cousins.  Children and adults shared a game of cards or carrom and shared the family gossip.

Nowadays the trend has changed a lot. With double incomes we are able to plan vacations to exotic places. I remember our trip to Walt Disney World. The rides on Dumbo the flying elephant was wonderful and all of us shrieked with joy. The swirling tea cups from "Alice in Wonderland" made our stomach tumult. Choo! Choo! the ride in Thomas the Tank Engine was rocky and fun. Our family watched the movie "lion King"  the Walt Disney movie together and hummed our favourite songs " Hakuna Matata" and "can u feel the love tonight". The kids posed with Snow white, Mickey Mouse and seeing the expression on their faces made our hearts melt. So our time spent at Walt Disney World turned out to be a second childhood.  This was a magical trip to Walt Disney World which we visited when the children were in primary school.

Now that my children are in their teens we spend a lot of quality time together during vacations. My daughter and I bake together. We bake cakes, cookies pizza and Lasagne together. We prefer to stay in holiday resorts as we get more space and able to enjoy family time together. All this helps us to have a lot of fun and bond together. We went on a planned holiday to Andaman where all of us as a family had fun together. 

The activities we engaged ourselves in were trekking through dense evergreen forests and camping in beach front forests. By snorkelling off the Andaman and Nicobar islands we enjoyed the underwater marine life and viewed the rarest varieties of corals. The children also enjoyed Scuba diving where we see some fascinating marine life, colourful fishes, and corals. In all these activities we experience a spirit of adventure and the rush of adrenaline. In Andaman we experimented on some sushi. We did with so much anticipation and apprehension and enjoyed the novelty of the experience.

Newer experiences to enhance the personality is what our family tries to achieve during the holidays. My children got to theatre. The play was staged with my son having the leading role. Just watching him on the role and hearing the applause he received made me proud. Accolades and Applause and I felt a strange sense of fulfilment on being his mother.

Both my husband and I enjoy time with our Children. So when they enjoy their vacation, we enjoy ours too.

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