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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Airbnb Vacation Rentals

When I received the mail from Indiblogger ... airbnb ... It didn't ring a bell and so I decided to check it out. I went to the site and there it was ... Is it a vacation rental site? Can I book in the site itself irrespective of which part of the world the rental is in? Looking at my interested look my husband quipped "may be it is similar to Priceline". OK, We have used priceline to book hotels while traveling. That is good enough if you are looking for a bed and a roof to spend the night. It can't beat the variety in Vacation rental offered by airbnb. Looking at the exotic options, may be sight seeing is not as important as the experience these stay options

As I looked through the site, the first thing that caught my attention was the Bywater - Hippie Bus! in New Orleans. Ever since I first saw mobile homes, I always wanted to live in one. I am not sure if it would be as convenient as a modern house but it is definitely worth living for 24 hours with family to experience the same.

Even as a Kid, I always loved to read about Tree houses and wondered what it will be like living in one. I also used to think it is safe until I saw monkeys on trees. I was really surprised to see Tree Houses in airbnb and "Fantastic treehut between old oaks" in Spain caught my eye. Atleast I want to spend one day with my family here to relive my childhood dream.

When I saw the Cottage on Private Island near Ottawa Canada, I was thrilled. Can I get my Robinson Crusoe experience for just Rs 10,000 a night? This was another of my Childhood dreams and I decided to add it to my wishlist. I wish these options were readily available 10 years ago when we were traveling more.

Even as a child, I always loved Greece though I can't understand Greek or Latin. Later in my life, I was amazed to see the Wind farms in California and was even more surprised that these can generate electricity. Living in a " Windmill by the sea in Tinos" in Greece is a perfect combination of my childhood and middle-age dreams coming together.

The first 4 were easy. I already dreamed of them in my life.  I wanted to look for something that I never knew and never thought of in my life so far but still sounds interesting. I wasn't sure what airbnb would offer but decided to give a try. I came across Yurt which seemed a new word and wanted to google the same. Wow! It means the circular tents used by Nomads? I remember I have studied about Nomads but can't recollect reading about Yurts then. Interesting and I want to checkout some Yurts when I came across Nearest Yurt in world next to tube!. That's perfect (Nomad in London). This is my new dream.

Will I be able to experience all of these? Well Even if I can experience couple of these in this wishlist, I will be very happy. Time will tell.

Note: This blog was written for Indiblogger's airbnb happy hours contest.


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