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Monday, 10 November 2014

A Healthy child makes a happy home...

About 10 years ago my daughter was just 10 years old. She was an active girl, made lot of noises and kept the house lively. We even used to scold her for all noise she was making but suddenly started falling sick often. On several occasions, we received calls from school asking us to pick her up early from school as she was not well. At other times she used to be very normal and healthy. The whole house will look so noisy and healthy when she was healthy. The same house seemed sick and was worse than a graveyard when my daughter was sick. When this started happening every week, we knew she is suffering and needed help but not sure how to help her.

Our thoughts wandered few years back when our daughter was about six years old. We were in US at that and planned to travel to India in a weeks time. She was running around the house playing with other children happily till we heard a sudden scream. When we went to see what happened, there she was with a bleeding forehead. She had fallen and a stone had hurt her forehead. The whole house became silent as we realized the situation and had to plan what to do next. We called the insurance call centre who listened to us patiently and suggested the nearest hospital we can take her to. On reaching the hospital doctor attended to her and put some stitches. When we came back home we were all exhausted but the smile on the child's face energized us. Four years after this incident, we are now worried about her heath again.

We talked to many of our friends who had children of similar age. This is when one of our neighbours suggested we take her to Haematologist.   Fortunately for us, there was a good Haematologist nearby and we decided to give it a try. We took her on a Saturday for an examination. This followed some blood tests and we were really worried about her health. Based on the test results the doctor prescribed some medications and soon she was feeling better.

Couple of our friends also told us that this was an immunity issue. They knew many people who got over similar health problem by using an age-old formulation using a number of herbs called Chyawanprash. They argued that while medication may have helped her get over her immunity problem for now, she still needs to build her immunity so that she doesn't fall sick she has been for some time. We researched how this all-natural Chyawanprash can help our daughter have a illness free future. We gave her Chyawanprash for few years by which time her immunity was back to normal. What can be better than seeing your child healthy?

This blog was written for indiblogger contest "A healthy child makes a happy home"


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