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Early Childhood pampered by our parents

This is the time we don't understand the value of money and more often than not, we are also pampered by our parents and relatives.

Education - Key to success

We continue to live on our parents efforts but build a foundation for our career. Education and Graduation dependent on individuals interest and affordability.

We have started earning after graduation!!

Well, we are less dependent on our parents, now that we have started earning. Starting a family and Pampering our children is part of this phase.

Older we are, Wiser we get

We get older, children start schooling.Time to think about loan payments, savings for retirement, we earn, spend on necessities and we save the rest.

Finally the day has arrived and start enjoying retirement

Retirement reduces our needs but not expenses. The extras that we saved supplement the social security and pension and keep us flying till the END!!.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Recharge your Hair and recharge your life

It was a usual Sunday, I had shampoo bath and was humming a song when the calling bell rang. Who could it be at this time on a Sunday morning? Before answering the bell, I had a last look in the mirror... oh no! I almost cried... somehow I am brave and keep myself under control (though not my hair).

 As you can see, my hair is boring, thin, mangled, has all the wrong traits. I opened the door and there was my friend with such a nice hair... I could feel my jealousy. She had the perfect smile, apologized for coming in unannounced and she was leaving town that day.
My Friends nice flowing hair
My Hair - Thin, Mangled

We spoke for a while over coffee (believe me, I am a great cook!!), She complimented my coffee; I complimented her hair and so it went on - All girlie talk.

Then... She told me that I can actually have nice flowing hair like hers. The secret is in recharging your hair and life.

She then showed me the recharge site. She told me that I can also have nice hair like hers by using this solution. We went shopping to buy the Secret solution. She left promising to meet me the following month when she is back in town again. I could see my hair glow and full of life after using the secret solution. When we met next, my hair was fuller, flowing and more lively than hers. It did recharge my Life.

Note: This blog was written for indiblogger sunsilk competition.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dove Beauty Bar saved my day!

It was Halloween and I was planning to go trick or treating. I was to dress up as the beautiful Snow White. The winter in Newyork was very cold that year and my complexion looked dry and lacked luster. My dear friend Eliza who was to accompany me to the mall suddenly hit upon a great idea. She asked me to wash my face with Dove soap and lo behold! the transformation was wonderful. My patchy dry skin  transformed to a glowing smooth complexion . When I went trick or treating at the mall, every one complimented me on my snowhite complexion. Dove also moisturizers the skin leaving it very soft and younger looking. It has wonderful fragrance and seems the right beauty aid to start the day with. Accolades to Dove!

This blog is written for indiblogger dove #DoveFaceTest contest. More details at Dove Beauty Bar page.