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Monday, 9 September 2013

The future of Shopping

It was a sunday afternoon. My husband had taken the children for a swimming session. It was a nice feeling, home alone, as I relaxed on the sofa.

My eyes fell on the calendar, wow today is 14th Jan 2030. How did I forget to send sankranti gift to my bro? I swiped the universal remote in my hand and pulled out the virtual keypad. And this virtual key board will send what I type to the computer in the next room and I can see the computer screen on the wall. Few key strokes and i could see that I have shopped in ebay the most, Rs 5 Lakhs in the last 6 months!!

Tapped on ebay and to my surprise I have bought last year gift for my bro in ebay. I love these new features, any item I check, it automatically shows the lowest price in ebay for the item. Ebay already has my ewallet and hence I don't have to go through the payment screens. I just select an item and say ship, enter a code and I am done. In the next couple of days my bro will be getting a nice single seater car. 

I just couldn't believe that 20 years back, I was entering the credit card numbers, secondary authentication codes etc for every purchase. We even in those days ebay had a google chrome bar and provided automatic updates on ebay prices for any product anywhere on the net directly on chrome bar. You can download the extension from this link.

Note: This blog post has been written specifically for ebay indiblogger "The future of shopping" contest.


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