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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Idea Caravan - Great ideas come unexpected

Ideas and Achievements. Lot of people come with great ideas. If these ideas are put to real use, it benefits everyone in the world. Talk about Wright brothers. They took a small flight in their backyard but their idea got converted and people fly across the world in a day or two. What is most important is that their ideas just didn't sit inside them. When others know, it helps them to take it forward for next step.

Think of Mathematicians like Ramanujam, or current generation investment wizards like Warren Buffet. They have a talent and they used them well. It may be an accident that Apple fell from a tree but Newton figured out about gravity.

Do you have an algorithm to do something that others want? You can put that to good use. It can be anything including a new way to crack exams. Does this sound believable? Well, in Einstein days they never thought earth has the power to pull things towards it but now even a child can speak about gravity. Please listen to Angad Nadkarni speech in the following youtube link. Please check it out and share your opinion.

Note: This blog was specifically written for the Idea caravan contest conducted by Indiblogger and Franklin Templeton Investments.


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