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Saturday, 15 June 2013

If I could WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

I am the kind of person who loves chatting with people! I meet different kinds of people and some of them are very interesting. Hema Malini tops the list of people whom I like to chat with. At the age of sixty, she echoes Namita Jain's book "Sexy at Sixty". She still has an excellent figure and great skin. I would love to chat with her to know the secret behind her glowing complexion which has not shadowed with age. Has dancing kept her figure slim? I would also ask her about the secret behind her happily married life to Macho Dharam.

          Hema Malini releasing Namita Jain's book "Sexy at Sixty" (courtesy:

I would love to have a tete-a-tete with Angelina Jolie who is much in the limelight today. I have always been her admirer. She loves children and has three biological and three adopted ones. I love to chat with her as she has strong humanitarian values and has adopted children from third world countries, like Cambodia, Addisababa and Vietnam. One child that she adopted tested HIV positive but later tested negative. But anyway it was magnanimous on Angelina's part to even think of adopting a HIV positive child. Her decision to have double mastectomy was taken solely so that she would be there for the Children and not die like her mother due to breast cancer at an early age. I love her Joie-de-vivre. She and Brad Pitt celebrated her 38th Birthday in a restaurant few weeks after her mastectomy. But I wonder whether she took the correct decision? Why panic and decide to have double mastectomy when one can even die of any other disease or in a freak accident. Why such haste? I want to talk to her personally to know more about the reasons.
                           Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt with their Children (courtesy:

Amy Chua author of the memoir "Battle hymn of the tiger mother" is another person I would like to chat with. She and I share the same views on Parenting. I also believe in the strict Asian kind of upbringing, especially when the children are young so that they are more into Academics and music and not watching TV or playing video games. I believe, like Amy Chua, that when the children grow-up we should allow them to choose more diverse careers other than medicine and engineering. When I chat with her I would like to congratulate her on the book which is really a eye-opener for parents, who are bringing up their children liberally and who get into drugs and teenage pregnancies.
                                       Amy Chua baking with her children (courtesy:

I would also like to chat with the beauty queen Shahnaz Hussain. In a world that is going green, food going organic, and if all our beauty potions came from herbs, wouldn't it be wonderful? It would be interesting talking with this diva who has made it big in the cosmetic industry and she exports a lot of her beauty products to many eminent personalities around the world. She seems to be a combination of beauty and brains and in my chat with her, I would like to know the secret of her success.
                                                   Shahnaz Hussain (courtesy:

I love to chat with my mother. She is always full of fun and frolic and sometimes we giggle like teenagers. Believe it or not, I chat with her everyday. We share the happenings in our life everyday and she is always giving me some advice on cooking or bringing up the children. I fill her up with the latest gossip about all our relatives which adds spice to her otherwise monotonous life. I watch a lot of television and love to discuss the latest soap operas.

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