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Monday, 6 May 2013

A moral story about ignoring warning signs...

Every story, real or imagination has a moral and so does mine. Warning Signs, as the name indicates, is an opportunity to protect ourselves before serious damage hits. I have known of colleagues who have ignored small bumps which later turned out cancerous. While those are bit uncommon, bleeding gums and painful teeth are very common and should not be ignored. Did you ask Why? All our food intake is done through the mouth. Any problem with gums/teeth will invariably affect our stomach, digestion and all organs downstream from there.

I did have bleeding gums when I was a student (in the 80's). I went to a dentist who after cleaning my teeth asked me to use G32. It did have very good effect. My parents used Colgate and so did I and continue to use Colgate till date. However I use only regular (and not any of the special versions like sensitive teeth, total etc). I see past all the marketing gimmicks (I don't care if the tooth paste tube can stand upright or not and definitely not going to pay more for that) but I really believe unhealthy teeth can give lot of health problems and hence teeth and gums must be healthy.

I don't believe in doing gum surgery (for bleeding gums) but my spouse does. I am sure taking good care of your by brushing regularly and using  Ayurvedic medicines will go a long way in helping you to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If I have had the gum problem now (rather than in the 80's), I would have tried Colgate Total but G32 has taken care of my gum problem when needed.

Health is wealth. It is important that we maintain good health. Speaking about healthy gums and teeth, please check out the link at My Healthy Speak Blog. The moral of the story is Never Ignore Warning Signs; check it out to ensure it is harmless and have a great health.

This blog has been written as an entry for the contest conducted by Colgate and indiblogger.


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