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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How does modern healthcare touch lives?

Life revolves around innovation. Needless to emphasize the importance of the same.

We see every year that faster more advanced computer products are available at a price less than the previous year.

We notice that Lifespan of humars have increased over the years in all parts of the world and people being cured of diseases thought to be incurable only a few years ago. This inspite of new diseases, viruses cropping up. Unfortunately the cost of healthcare (in most countries) unfortunately is going up with time.

All these wonders are  made possible by innovation.

If you look at innovation in Healthcare, there are several groups of players. On the one-hand you have the pharma companies who invest in research to find newer, safer drugs for all existing and new diseases/viruses that keep affecting our health. Pharmas are very visible since we buy their products regularly.

Then we new innovations in gadgets used by doctors for Surgery or in diagnosis which do not have much visibility to common man.

Last but not the least, we have hospitals like Apollo hospitals which bring together all these innovations and more to the common man's reach. They bring together the best medical professionals in the country, the best equipments that money can buy and the drugs that are needed to save lives all under one roof. India has talented minds (Doctors, Nurses), equipment to treat patients (Thanks to hospitals who make the necessary investments) and the drugs (Many large drug manufacturers manufacture generics and licensed drugs in India due to availability of infrastructure and personnel).

Many foreigners are willing to travel to India for their treatment due to the fact that they trust they can get good treatment and at an affordable cost. In most foreign countries, either the country lacks in specialty treatments and infrastructure or they have the best infrastructure by the cost of treatment is very high. India has managed to balance both.

I still remember, not too long ago, in the 60's and 70's when medical infrastructure was available only in government hospitals which were over-burdened by the inflow of patients for treatment. Though it didn't look rewarding at that time, it is due to the foresight of Private hospitals (Apollo being one of the first) that they started building the infrastructure to make India the Healthcare capital of the world.

It is only the individual who was suffering can understand the relief when he is cured of his disease. Saving a life touches the family. Thanks to hospitals like Apollo (, India has managed to touch the lives of people across the world.

Note: This blog has been written as an entry for "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?" contest announced jointly by Apollo Hospitals and IndiBlogger.


this post looks written more for winning an award rather than for your readers! It's not bad trying to win an award but your can at least avoid unjustifiably praising Apollo hospital #badpractise

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