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Early Childhood pampered by our parents

This is the time we don't understand the value of money and more often than not, we are also pampered by our parents and relatives.

Education - Key to success

We continue to live on our parents efforts but build a foundation for our career. Education and Graduation dependent on individuals interest and affordability.

We have started earning after graduation!!

Well, we are less dependent on our parents, now that we have started earning. Starting a family and Pampering our children is part of this phase.

Older we are, Wiser we get

We get older, children start schooling.Time to think about loan payments, savings for retirement, we earn, spend on necessities and we save the rest.

Finally the day has arrived and start enjoying retirement

Retirement reduces our needs but not expenses. The extras that we saved supplement the social security and pension and keep us flying till the END!!.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Shave or Crave movement -

I have been married for over 20 years. Before marriage, I have seen pictures of my fiance with unshaved facial hair. I always felt it makes a man look much older then they actually are. I had a few frank conversations with him on this subject (Shave or Crave). As our marriage day approached, I was very nervous and the D-day arrived. To my surprise, there I see my fiance clean-shaven and my joy knew no bounds. After the marriage I thanked him for his gesture and told him he can go back to his old ways of not shaving, if he chooses to. But he didn't and till this day, he religiously shaves everyday.

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