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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Where to go for Christmas holidays! Think no more... Its Melbourne

I have lived, worked and slept in many countries (and continents), mostly the Europe's and Americas in the west and Singapore in the east. I have only read about and dreamed about the continent I never visited, Australia, more specifically state of Victoria and Melbourne. Cricket is definitely a binding force which even the most intelligent American or the Swiss (or probably most of Europe with the exception of UK/Ireland) don't understand. The tall buildings, roads, or the markets, all exist everywhere not just in Melbourne but Melbourne is special. It has a rich culture, and the attraction that possessed my heart.

What will I do in Melbourne? Well, a visit to MCG is well worth the time and effort for someone from the city which boasts of Chepauk. Being a book lover and an avid reader, I would love to visit the Federation Square Book Market and my daughter loves books written by Australian authors and the variety of cuisines served in the restaurants. Isn't this start of a great Vacation? And when is the best time to visit? Well, it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!.  This post is written as an official entry to Indivine Blogger Contest titled under "Its your time to visit Melbourne now" 


Federation square market is indeed a place to be.Good wishes !!

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