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Friday, 4 May 2012

Apartment Association

In most Apartments complexes a voluntary body (committee) is elected to help manage the affairs of the complex. In larger complexes, the committee hires a manager to take care of day-to-day activities and the committee deals only with issues that are escalated to them.

What is important is the start of the first association. The builder completes the construction and residents move in, in a staggered manner. It takes a while before they get-together and install an interim committee with sole purpose of legally registering the association and calling for elections to elect the office bearers to the association.

Now the first association of the complex has the unenviable task of getting all the details from the builder which we call as the handover process. This can be complicated as there is no real documentation of what would be a complete handover process.I will attempt to list out a few which are important and should be part of the handover checklist.

1. Collect the completion certificate.
2. Get the approved building plan which includes block-wise and floor-wise information.
3. No objection certificate from Pollution, fire, water and electricity authorities.
4. Hard and soft copy of all approved drawings.
5. Registration and Parent documents
6. Asset inventory of all movable and immovable equipment purchased.
7. AMC and Warranty details; Original receipts for equipments.
8. Handover of corpus amounts to association.
9. contract signed with maintenance agency; agreed SLA's.
10. Details of Insurance taken
11. Audited account statement
12. Introduction to key vendors and suppliers.


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